We've all sworn when trying to get the "peg" into the hard carpet on the tee. The ball falls off and once it's there, you're unsure of the height of the peg.

Autopeg makes golf accessible to more golfers


Effective warm-up and training

Autopeg is a tee that handles the "pegging" of the ball for you. With our teeing ground, you get a more effective warm-up or training for the round of golf in a way that was previously not possible.


A pioneering
solution in golf

Autopeg is a groundbreaking solution that makes golf accessible and comfortable for everyone, including people with disabilities. Instead of having to bend down and place the ball on the 'peg', Autopeg facilitates golfers through the simple 'ball feeding and pegging' of the ball. You can easily adjust the height of the "peg" by holding the club over a sensor. It saves both time and energy and, above all, makes it easier for players with physical limitations to prepare for the swing.

By placing the club on the "new ball" sensor, a new ball is "pegged". The ball magazine holds 70 balls. This allows the player to practice or play without having to manually place the ball before each shot. This increases efficiency and also provides a more even and consistent practice for all golfers. For people with disabilities, it makes an incredible difference and provides completely new training opportunities.

The automatic ball feed allows you to really focus on fine-tuning your swing as you can hold your punch and position time and time again without having to move for a new ball. This makes it easier to develop your swing to perfection.

Because Autopeg also allows players to hit more balls per session, the number of range balls purchased is likely to increase.


Increased accessibility for golfers with disabilities

The Autopeg is also designed to be accessible for use with a mobility scooter. It has a strong and stable construction that allows the player to drive onto the tee with the mobility device. This makes it easy to reach the optimal playing position and allows people with disabilities to fully participate in the game of golf.

By combining smart ball feeding, "pegging", adjustable pegs and mobility scooter accessibility, our teeing ground offers outstanding benefits for golf clubs looking to increase accessibility for people with disabilities. It opens up opportunities for practice, play and community in the world of golf and allows everyone to enjoy the joys and challenges of golf.

”I find the AutoPeg not only fun and convenient,
it gives me the possibility to make the training much more
efficient as I hit many more balls every session and I can
focus on fine tuning the technique in a new way.” 

Christer Ekman, Professional Golf Player and former Golf instructor

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